When not writing, Dominic is committed to working with students in order to foster the next generation of theatrical talent. He has experience both mentoring students one-on-one and leading playwriting workshops, and has worked with organizations and universities such as Actors Theatre of Louisville, the Echo Theater, Young Playwrights Inc., Columbia University, and Reed College. For inquiries, please contact him.


Get those words out of your mouth and onto that page!

It’s easy to talk about all of the plays we want to write, but it’s much harder to actually write them. The writer Jack Spicer once famously intoned, “The poet is a radio,” and in this quick-and-dirty workshop we will seek to tune our creative dials and improve our artistic signals. We will use formalistic exercises in order to get out of our own ways and create work without reservation, exploring how rules and structures can actually unlock our writing processes. This workshop is about thinking less and doing more, about the magic we can get down on the page when we stop analyzing and start acting.